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Old Earth Adornment

Olivewood Rings

Olivewood Rings

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Circular notched ring style with a large outside diameter carved from Olivewood.  Because of the tree’s irregular growth patterns, often looking gnarled and twisted from the outside, Olivewood often presents a beautiful patterning and interesting inclusions. Olivewood is a very dense and fragrant wood, and holds a beautiful polish. With a long history of cultivation, as far back as 5000 years in Syria, Olivewood has a rich history in the Mediterranean of being used in decoration and jewelry. Perhaps my favorite part of this wood is often the tree does not have to be cut down in order to cultivate wood, olive groves are often pruned and that wood can be used without damaging or removing the tree. 
Outer diameter for our smaller rings are 35mm and will range from 47-50mm for larger sizes. Ring opening is between 5-6mm.

As with all of our jewelry, if you’d like to customize your size or diameter, feel free to send me an email through the site. I’m happy to customize your jewelry and make it your own.


We are very specific about the woods we use for our body jewelry, and only use woods that are known to be safe for wear in stretched body piercings. In the rare instance your body has an adverse reaction to organic wood jewelry please discontinue wearing the jewelry. And please, do not use wood jewelry to stretch your piercings.

Shipping & Returns

Each piece of jewelry is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for jewelry to ship. Our jewelry arrives sealed in plastic, and we are unable to accept returns if the jewelry has been removed from that plastic.Please examine your jewelry carefully before removal.


We list our jewelry sizes in milimeters first then in fractions of inches. Because the metric to imperial conversion isn't perfect we will round up or down to the closest milimeter. If you would like to order in half milimeters please add that to our notes section at checkout. Our wearable lengths increase as the diameter of the jewelry increases. Our shop has a standard wearable length of each size that we have found works for most people. If you would like a custom wearable length please include that in our notes section at checkout. Wearable lengths are not the same as the total length of the jewelry.

Care Instructions

All of our jewelry is polished and sealed with a hard carnuba wax. Even so, wood is a porous organic material and can be damaged by water. Please do not allow your jewelry to get wet as it will damamge the finish and possibly raise the grain of the wood.

As wood jewelry is worn it will age, often that can be seen in the darkening or color shifting of jewelry. We recommend periodically wiping down your jewelry with a dry microfiber cloth. As you wear your jewelry it can also lose some of its luster. Buffing your jewelry is a good option to maintain its shine, as is oiling it from time to time with an appropriate skin safe oil (we recommend vitamin E oil)

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